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Spokane Regional Opioid Task Force 

Helping our community recover from substance use and addiction.

If you or a family member struggles with addiction or substance use and need help, we’re here for you. You are not alone. We want to help you find the right resources.

Drug Prevention Spokane and the Spokane Regional Opioid Taskforce is composed of over 60 local organizations, agencies and individuals committed to addressing the opioid crisis in Spokane.

We are a treatment referral clearinghouse and offer educational resources designed to address the physical and community health-related consequences of drug dependence.


Reduce opioid dependence and prevent overdoses and other drug-related deaths.


We envision a safe, healthy community free from the ravages of opioid and other drug addiction and misuse.


We offer a community-wide, progressive, and emergent response to the opioid epidemic. We partner and engage with multiple public and private entities that encourage the use of evidence-based best practices and evaluation in the communities and populations we serve.

Drug Prevention Spokane helps you and your family take the first step towards recovery. Use our website to learn more about local services available to get you started on your path towards recovery. Contact us today for a confidential treatment referral.

Do You Have An Emergency?

Drug Overdoses Are Medical Emergencies. Get Help Now!

Drug overdoses are medical emergencies. Do not delay seeking assistance for yourself or a loved one. Time is of the essence in treating an individual who is experiencing an overdose or a drug-related crisis. If you have an emergency and need help, call 911. If you need crisis or drug-related assistance, please contact the Spokane County Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline and you will be immediatly connected with a professional mental health counselor.

A Drug Overdose is a Medical Emergency - Call 911

If you believe you or a loved one is experiencing a drug overdose, CALL 911 immediately. All Spokane County First Responders are equipped with NARCAN, a drug that can temporarily reverse overdose symptoms. Do not wait. Make the call to 911 immediately.

Spokane County First Responders are trained to recognize, respond to, and treat drug overdoses. They will medically assess the patient, provide immediate treatment, and/or transport them to a higher level of care. Your call could save a life.

Spokane County Behavioral Heath Crisis Hotline - Call (877) 266-1818

Behavioral health crisis services are provided to individuals experiencing mental health or substance use related symptoms, which are impacting an individual’s safety, well-being and functioning.

Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline services staffed by skilled professionals to assess, resolve crisis by phone, make appropriate referrals, and/or dispatch mobile teams or the Designated Crisis Responder (DCR). The Spokane Regional Service Area Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline Number is 1 (877) 266-1818.

Featured Educational Videos

Opioids… Let’s Talk About It!

The following videos feature a panel of community members and professionals impacted by opioid misuse discussing opioids, fentanyl, and how to support loved ones living with opioid use disorder.

Helping a family member – a personal story of addiction

Hailey Muto, Family Member

Hailey shares her personal story highlighting her brother’s recovery journey and how to support loved ones living with opioid use disorder.

 The dangers of fentanyl – a law enforcement perspective

Stephanie Van Marter,  JD, ADA

Stephanie shares a law enforcement perspective from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Spokane on the dangers associated with fentanyl.

Accessing and navigating treatment – what to know about recovery 

Dan Siglar, MBA, MSW, Regional Director

Dan from Pioneer Human Services discusses the continuum of care and navigating treatment for yourself or a loved one. He offers practical advice, insights and tips to those struggling to gain access to treatement resources.

 Understanding the use of Naloxone (NARCAN) – a powerful overdose tool.

Nicole Perea, PHARMD, Pharmacist

Nicole, a Spokane pharmacist, provides a clinical perspective on the opioid epidemic and the temporary use of drugs like Naloxone to counteract the effects of an overdose and save lives and how to use it in the field.

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